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I had the pleasure of meeting Elin at a local yoga studio.  I had taken several different classes trying to find the right flow, style, and teaching approach that was best for me.  The day I met Elin changed my yogi life!  I no longer had to nudge myself to go to class for the health benefits, I absolutely fell in love with it and with her teaching style.  She is incredibly knowledgable about all yoga history, anatomy, sequencing, teaching, mediation, and hands on adjustments. She’s the best package all wrapped up in one!  I love that she is still remains a curious and humble student and truly lives and practices the yogi lifestyle. 

I truly hit the lottery in meeting such a skilled and caring teacher and yoga mentor.  I even introduced my husband to her teachings and he was converted!  He loved yoga now but no one compared to Elin’s classes so we decided to take it up a notch and hire her for private sessions.  It was the best decision we ever made.  We even hired her for our wedding weekend which was such a blessing to be so fit, strong and zen on our big day!

Since we are only on the Cape part time and we have not managed to find the same level of instruction and knowledge, my husband offered to fly Elin to Florida for a month in the winter so we could keep learning from our master teacher!  She has become a good friend and will be part of our lives no matter where we end up though my husband is still trying to convince her to move to Florida part time!  I cannot recommend anyone more highly.  You will be inspired, moved, strengthened, and transformed.

-Heidi C.

Slow is the New Strong has changed my life. Elin is an incredibly amazing teacher! Not only does she show you how to do the poses and breath work, but she explains how it affects your body and mind. Her knowledge is astounding and allows you to go deeper into the practice. Today I was able to do half moon for the first time ... because Elin had us use the wall to allow us to be in correct alignment and feel every bit of the pose and which muscles should and shouldn't be working to support our bodies in the asanas. I leave her class feeling like a warrior with the greatest peace of mind


I knew Treat through yoga for years before I found out she does Thai bodywork too. After we talked, what I got was really Thai+++. They gave so much insight into emotional blocks from a tough childhood, and they were able to release some of the tightness in my shoulders, hips and chest and I could breathe better than I think I ever have. I'm not ashamed to say I cried it felt so good. Whatever they shifted was huge. Thank you. I'll be back for more.


[This is] a perfect balance of pace and strength. I appreciated the acknowledgement that we are all in our own bodies and that instructions focused on what things should feel like rather than how they look. Moreover, despite having a regular practice, I learned many "something-new"s. If you want to smile a lot, feel good in your body, and enjoy something challenging but challenging for you, this is the perfect class and the perfect teacher.


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