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Life is messy. Surprising. Beautiful. Sometimes a little sweaty and always in flux.


What you are now, you were becoming before; what you will be soon, you are becoming now. So, what are you becoming? Is it peaceful? Is it strong? Is it happy? Are your choices helping you become whatever it is that you want to be?


Looking at your life holistically, regularly adding in some nourishing care might be a major tool in that becoming. Especially if you do it authentically. Here, that means there is no such thing as “good vibes only”. That shit is falsely aspirational not at all helpful.


Bring your authentic vibes. Whether that’s elated, fidgety, worn down, or pretty damn good, just bring yourself, as you are today, and treat yourself to some supportive TLC. There, we can work on the process of becoming…



After being unwillingly dragged to my first yoga class here on Cape Cod in 1999, I continued to practice simply to balance out the pains of performing onstage and the stress of unfulfilling work. Ten years of Bikram and an injury later, I started my ongoing work of honoring the gentler side of things, and sought out traditional holistic yoga training.  


I received yoga certification at the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago, studying the teachings of Sri Goswami Kriyananda and learning Hatha yoga from Swami Sarasvatyananda. My extensive studies include many different yogic traditions, meditation, a reiki mastership, Thai bodywork, gua sha, and Akashic & intuitive energy work, and I enjoy working with an evolving mix of these forms of holistic care. 


I am an advocate of inclusive feminism, the queer community, BIPOC, and all marginalized peoples, and I actively affirm kind folks in all bodies, regardless of size, gender, orientation, race, class, or origin. Overall, I aim to practice the perfect balance of reverence and irreverence while I help you on your own journey of becoming...

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