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what are you BECOMING?

If you made a list of the things you want to become next and a list of the things you were actually in the process of becoming, how would those lists match up? If you want a peaceful/vibrant/adventurous life, what are you doing to cultivate those qualities in yourself now? We are all in a state of becoming, but frequently we aren't aligned to our intentions, or are only honoring a small portion of who we actually are.


One of the most detrimental things in this process is the expectation that you 'should' be some ideal way in order to create a life of wholeness. That a holistic life is supposed to be only for willowy bodies in great health with minds that are always happy and "good vibes only"-y.  Throw all of that bullshit out the window and set it on fire.

Bring me your authentic vibes. Your sweaty human vibes. Your curse like a sailor vibes. Your "life is really hard lately and me getting to my appointment today is a big win" vibes. Your "I'm not comfortable in lycra, thank you, so here I am in my favorite overalls" vibes. Your "I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING AHHHH" vibes. Your ADHD-I-need-movement-in-my-meditation vibes. Your grumpy as hell and here to release it into the practice vibes. 

Bring yourself, as you are, in the body and mind you've got today, with all the feelings and challenges and lumps and bumps and hurts. Cause "good vibes only" seems like a lot of pressure and only a tiny fraction of the dynamic and powerful being that you are becoming, don't you think?

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ELIN TREAT (she/they)

After being unwillingly dragged to my first yoga class in 1999, I continued to practice simply to balance out the pains of performing onstage and the stress of unfulfilling work. Ten years of Bikram and an injury later, I started my ongoing work of honoring the gentler side of things, and sought out traditional holistic yoga training.  


I received yoga certification at the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago, studying the teachings of Sri Goswami Kriyananda and learning Hatha yoga from Swami Sarasvatyananda. My extensive studies include many different yogic traditions, meditation, a reiki mastership, Thai bodywork, gua sha, and Akashic & intuitive energy work, and I enjoy working with an evolving mix of these forms of holistic care. 


I am an advocate of inclusive feminism, the queer community, BIPOC, and all marginalized peoples, and I actively affirm kind folks in all bodies, regardless of size, gender, orientation, race, class, or origin. Overall, I aim to practice the perfect balance of reverence and irreverence while I help you on your own journey of becoming...

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